Artfully Prolonging Inevitable Extinction
A Benefit Dinner for Will Brown with chef Leif Hedendal

Saturday, November 23, 2013, 7PM - $150/person

Hosted by Truesilver
4391 24th Street (between Douglass and Hoffman)
San Francisco, CA

Join us for an intimate evening of deja-food, as we pull each course from past benefit dinner menus of now extinct alternative Bay Area art spaces. As you might expect, Leif will add a touch of contemporary color. Fine wine and alcohol will be served.

Support your favorite local alternative art space while simultaneously supporting the ghost of all your favorite local alternative art spaces.

Amuse Bouche - The Six Gallery - Benefit Dinner of January 11, 1956
First Course - Museum of Conceptual Art (MOCA) - Benefit Dinner of August 8, 1971
Second Course - La Mamelle - Benefit Dinner of March 1, 1976
Third Course - New Langton Arts - Benefit Dinner of April 21, 1989
Dessert - Kiki Gallery - Benefit Dinner of June 14, 1994


Full menu forthcoming.

Leif Hedendal is a cook and artist who focuses on social practices, pedagogy, health, agriculture, and food politics. Trained at noma, Citron, Greens, and numerous Barcelona restaurants, his cuisine emphasizes micro-seasonality, humanely raised meat, under–utilized vegetables, urban agriculture, and wild forage. He has worked with SFMOMA, YBCA, Berkeley Art Museum, Kadist SF, SOEX, Catharine Clark Gallery, Art In General (NYC), Ballroom Marfa, and NADA at Art Basel Miami. Leif's Dinner Discussion series, ongoing since 2008, bring together artists, food activists, curators, and writers to discuss projects and form connections. He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard, CCA, SFAI, Mills College, and the Danish Royal Academy of Art. RECENT PRESS

Will Brown is a collaborative project based in a storefront space in San Francisco’s Mission District whose main objective is to manipulate the structures of exhibition-making as a critical practice. Since January of 2011, Will Brown has realized ten exhibitions and over thirty-five unique programs. They have garnered press from Artforum, Frieze, and were awarded "Best New Space" and "Best Exhibition of the Year" (MMOFA) in 2012 from Art Practical. Will Brown received an Alternative Exposure Award from Southern Exposure and was recently an artist-in-residence at Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin. Will Brown is Lindsey White, Jordan Stein, and David Kasprzak.